How to Profit from Social Media

How to Profit from Social Media

November 12, 2019 Uncategorized 0

If you have a business you kinda can’t avoid social media any more if you want to stay in the game.

So how do you start using social media to get you new business?

Join the social media party!

You can think of each social media platform as it’s own party.

Where do your prospects tend to hang out?

Once you know the answer to this, you have to understand that platform party rules and dress code.

For example, think of LinkedIn as business casual.

Your profile should include a professional head shot–not a cuddly pet picture. Posts should be insightful and should highlight your industry expertise so people see you as an authority.

This makes people want to work with you. (or buy from you)

Instagram is much more focused on the externals. Compliment the way people look or how they present their brands.

Show off your product or service in a way that is eye catching and fun.

Facebook is for keeping up social relationships and sharing photos of family events and vacations. If your crowd is on Facebook, you’ll have to find a way to post relevant content and ads that won’t be disruptive to the conversations going on there. Video works very well on Facebook.

Facebook Messenger is a very powerful way to directly engage your audience if that’s your platform. (deserves a separate post)

Twitter–well, I am not all that sure what to compare it to.

A slumber party?

I don’t work on Twitter too much, it’s for the birds!

But Tweets are short and to the point, so your messaging has to match the style of the platform.

The thing to remember is that in order to be successful on social media you must understand the rules of the channel and speak to your audience in the way they speak to each other while on the platform.

Storytelling is the best way to get your message across in general.

Just don’t show up at a party in the WRONG get up or you will look silly and lost your opportunity to profit from that social media marketing party that has taken over the marketing world.

If you need help deciding which party is right for you and how to get the right messages to the people who need your solution–just shoot me an email at