Forever Facebook Ad

Forever Facebook Ad

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The Forever Facebook Ad-How to create ads that don't burn out

How to create ads that run for years and don’t burn out

Running Facebook ad campaigns can be an exercise in frustration.

Compliance regulations change daily and it’s hard to know which ads are going to get approved. Then you have to figure out how to create ads that Facebook likes and wants to show to your target audience.

There are several important things to keep in mind when creating a Facebook ad.

First: understand the philosophy behind the Facebook platform and how the algorithm works.

This critical step will be the number one factor in the success of failure of your ads.

It will also predict your ability to create your own Forever Facebook ad.

So what exactly is Facebook and its annoying algorithm looking for?

The number one priority that Facebook has is to promote positive user experience. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it from their point of view. Facebook wants people to stay on the platform and enjoy themselves.

After all, Facebook is a for-profit business and they want their customers to be happy.

So what does this mean for you as an advertiser?

Your ads must create a positive feeling in the reader.

Facebook doesn’t want your ad to feel invasive to the reader as they scroll through the news feed. This means you need to use an indirect approach to convey your message.

The Forever Facebook Ad is based on this principle of indirect, educational promotion.

Think of Facebook as a party.

If you were at a party talking to a few people, you wouldn’t say something direct like: “Do you have trouble losing weight?” or “Do you have diabetes?”

No Way

You would tell a story about yourself or someone you know who had a certain problem and found a great solution. Someone walking by may overhear and get curious and come join in the conversation.

But if you would walk up to someone and ask, “Hey, are you looking to lose weight?” it puts people on the defensive and makes you seem creepy.

The Forever Facebook ad tells the story of your brand or product in an indirect conversational way.

Think of it more like an advertorial than an ad.

Advertorials are articles that tell a story about a problem and a solution but in a non-direct, not sales-y way.

Like any good advertorial, using a story with dialogue is powerful. Dialogue evokes emotion and draws your prospect into the story.

Start with a good hook for your Forever Facebook ad. Your hook is what is going to catch the attention of your target audience. Your headline (the text above the ad, not below the image/video) should be the first few lines of your story.

The goal of the first 3 or 4 lines should invoke curiosity and get the reader to click the “see more” button.

After they click they will hopefully continue to read till the end of the ad.

It’s a great idea to have your first call to action (next step link) after the first paragraph or two. This lets the quick action takers take the next step right away.

The body of your ad should demonstrate the benefits of your product or service. The focus should be and how your product is unique, different and better than the competition.

But this should also be done in a softer, indirect way like you would see in an educational article.

The ad should end with a call to action and a link to the next step in your sales funnel. Whether it’s a sales page, webinar sign up page or to book a call. The length of the ad should correspond with the level of commitment you are asking for from the reader.

If you are asking the reader to sign up for a Webinar, your ad must be pretty long. After all, you need to convince them that it’s worth 90 minutes of their time to listen to you. To do this, you should give away a good part of your solution in the ad itself.

Experts who have managed millions in ad spend maintain that conversion rates increase the more information you give away in your ads.

So don’t hold back.

That brings me to the next crucial component of the most successful Forever Facebook Ad–video.

When you combine this advertorial type ad with video, your results explode.

The ad text acts as a support for the main part of the ad, which is the video. In the video you can tell the same story but in multi-media.

Or you can actually teach the steps of your solution or do an actual demo of how your product or service solves the major problem of your audience. This is very powerful and will get you excellent results if done in a professional way.

The videos do not have to cost a ton of money to produce or be done in a studio. Actually, the videos that do best are face to camera videos shot from an iPhone.

People who watch the video are tagged by the algorithm as even better prospects for your product or service and you can use the video views objective to help Facebook understand your prospects better–and you can retarget video viewers with more ads that highlight your solution.

There is a lot more to say about creating a Forever Facebook Ad, much more than I can include in one article.

Keith Krance and Chris Rocheleau have excellent training on this that I highly recommend.

And if you don’t have the time or inclination to take courses, I’d be happy to help you create one or more Forever Facebook ads for your business.

You can contact me at

And check out my website while you’re at it!