Why Functional Medical Doctors Should be Using Webinars to Get More Patients

Why Functional Medical Doctors Should be Using Webinars to Get More Patients

June 27, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Many MD’s find themselves disillusioned with conventional medicine and its diagnosis and treatment limitations at some point in their careers. This leads them to discover Functional Medicine and its holistic approach to root cause healing.

The challenge is that the general public does not know or understand how Functional Medicine can help them stop suffering and to get off the endless loopy band-aid solution of medications and side effects and actually feel good again.

One proven successful way I have seen clients use to get the word out to more people and draw them into your practice is to use free online webinars.

Why do webinars work so well?

Well, they employ education based marketing which in this case is vital for people who are searching for an alternative to the symptom based conventional treatment that has failed them in the past, but may be overwhelmed with all the alternative health options on the internet.

They are looking for a doctor that will really listen to them and help them discover the root of their illness. But they need a trusted guide.

Webinars build trust.

They simultaneously educate, position the doctor as an authority and increase likability.

If a webinar is strategically built, becoming a patient will be the obvious choice when it comes time for them to take action to improve their health.

A webinar is the central part of a funnel that can be a lucrative mechanism for client acquisition and to spread the word about the possibilities of functional medicine for closing the gap between conventional diagnosis and effective treatment.

A webinar funnel includes Facebook ads, email series and the webinar itself. Emails must be strong and personality driven, written in the unique voice of the doctor.

It’s important for all of these elements to be in place and to work seamlessly together for a profitable patient acquisition engine.

If you need help deciding whether a webinar would work for you or if you need any help with marketing, book a call with me here and we can talk more about how online marketing can get you more patients to help get well!

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