Elementor #595

What has your website done for you lately?

Bouncing Visitors

Visitors come and take a quick look at your site and you fail to grab their attention…


No Action Taking

People show up, take a look around and even stay longer than the average 3-4 seconds…

But just don’t click!

Lots of Traffic, Few Sales

You successfully drive tons of traffic to your site every day…

But sales are dismal!

Low Engagement

Visitors wander from page to page wondering why they came!

These symptoms indicate that you’re suffering from an acute case of Weak Web Copy Syndrome!

Do you feel like everyone talks about getting online but all your efforts amount to zilch?

You spent top dollar on a website and just don’t see ROI?

What you need is an expert to administer a series of diagnostic tests to see what truly ails your copy.

Hi! My name is Melanie.
I will Doctor your Website, Video and Email Copy so you can transform the lives of more people with your Health and Wellness product or service.

I am a highly trained and Certified Email and Direct Response Copywriter and Digital Marketing Specialist.

I have taken more than a dozen Direct Response (Conversion) Copywriting courses including a Certification Course by AWAI and Digital Marketer, Kevin Rogers, Copyhackers, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, Steve Slaunwhite, Frank Kern and other top A-Level copywriters. 

A healthy diet of strategy is necessary for a robust and effective marketing plan. 

 Tactics are the supplements that support that healthy foundation.

My job is to direct and maintain the vitality of your ROI with words that sell. 

Email marketing is not dead, but… It’s a very crowded space and I will find you A WAY TO STAND OUT.
I will get you more customers through targeted social media marketing.

My super smooth process and professional bedside manner

will get you in and out of the clinic in no time.

In order to make an accurate diagnosis of your copy challenges

I will perform a thorough examination and analysis of your marketing strategy and deliverables.


First I take the pulse of your current marketing.


Next I diagnose its current state of health and vitality.


Then I prescribe a treatment plan to improve current marketing copy and strategy.


Finally I will design and implement new Websites and/or Video Scripts, Emails, Facebook ads and more.

Let me shake up and revive your marketing with one of my Revitalizing copy packages...

Conversion Boost

A basic energy boost to your web copy that improves conversion plus some extras.

One Two Conversion Punch

Brand spanking new web copy that converts like crazy plus emails, videos , landing pages and/or sales letter.

Comprehensive web copy creation plus video and social media marketing strategy and implementation plus super charged email campaigns.

Don't neglect the health of your marketing copy

Pale and tired copy may be driving away visitors like a contagious disease.

Leaving you high and dry with stagnant sales figures and leaky sales funnels.

Visitors will happily engage with your web copy that sings with vitality and persuades your prospects to buy-for their health’s sake!

Hire me and watch your business bloom in health and boom in sales.